Did you know that your BMW is made of more that 60 different metals? Some model have over 110 different type of metals that are used to complete the unibody structure of your vehicle. Each and every part or component is either welded, bonded and riveted, or bolted together for a specific purpose keeping performance, safety and lightweight properties in mind. As a certified shop our technicians are trained in identifying these metals and their procedures for repair or in some cases replacements only.

For materials that welding is approved for, we have the most sophisticated automatic welder that automatically detects the different types of metal, the total thickness and adjusts all of the variables. Just one more reason why we can do a factory accurate repair as a certified facility.

Diagram showing unibody structure of BMW vehicle.

Structural Repair‍‍‍

All Structural repairs require precise equipment to not only measure the damage, but also to reconstruct your vehicle back to 100% of BMW's factory standards. As a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center, we can offer you the best service possible. We're able to achieve getting your vehicle back to 100% of BMW's factory standard through our use of CELETTE's Fixture systems. Each fixture is a unique "mold" f‍‍‍or each and every vehicle model. This patented system guarantees exact fitment of all of the replacement parts in the same manner that the BMW factory uses fixtures to precisely build the vehicle with the perfection you expect. We can fix what needs to be fixed. Contact us to schedule your service today!

Diagram showing the unique molds for repair and replacement.